The Tin House classes are small, friendly and fun and need no particular embroidery or sewing expertise. The workshop accommodates up to four people on each class. Examples of classes are:


Full Day – £65.00
Half Day – £35.00

Classes are finished for 2015. Dates for 2016 will be posted in Feb 2016 or send me a mail or call for more information. 

For most classes, all equipment and materials are provided. However, for the Machine Appliqué class please bring your choice of fabric and sewing machine if possible. 2 machines are available if neccessary and fabrics at cost.


Full day classes are held on the Saturdays listed in the website and run from 10.30 till 4.30 pm. They include tea and coffee throughout the day and a light lunch. There needs to be a minimum of two people booked before these courses can run.

DyeClass 4x600DyeClass 1x600DyeClass 2x600Fabric Dyeing and Printing : A day of fun, dyeing and printing, to give you a collection of bases from which you can build up your own individual works of art. Enjoy the world of serendipity as the dyes work their magic, suggesting landscapes and lovely abstracts. Why not use them in next month’s course on landscapes in fabric?
Landscape_5x600 Landscape_6x600 Landscape_3x600Landscapes in Fabric : Using photographs for a starting point, let your imagination run free. The base of your work will be a dyed fabric and with a mixture of appliqué, simple stitching and embellishments you’ll build up a wonderful abstract, textile landscape which will never fail to fascinate and please.
Collage_3x600fruit_bowl004Collage_2x600Paper Collage and Stitch : Paper collage is fun to do and makes a wonderful background for embroidery. The morning will be spent playing with lots of different papers, hand made, tissue-papers, magazines etc. making up a base for the afternoon’s stitching.
Cushion_6x600 Cushion_5x600 Cushion_3x600Machine Appliquéd Cushion : You’ll start the day getting to know your machine and learning the techniques which will enable you to appliqué neatly and easily. You will then be shown how to apply your design and how to make it up into a simple envelope cushion cover. This is an ideal opportunity to make a gift for that special occasion.
HALF DAY CLASSESHalf day classes can be booked for any day that I am available so please feel free to phone, even on the morning of the day you wish to come. If you don’t fancy that windy walk up a mountain or a cold cycle in the rain then this is your escape! These classes run from 2pm till 5pm and include tea and coffee on arrival. There is no minimum number for these classes.
Brooches : These simple brooches are fun and easy to put together.  They make unusual and individual presents for friends or lovely embellishments for your own jackets, hats and bags.
FD_FeltingFeltClass 1x600FeltClass 2x600Felting : Felting is fun and using pre- felt makes it faster and easier. Spend an afternoon making individual panels from dyed pre-felt pieces to use on cushions and bags or simply to frame and hang on your walls.
Card Making : Using dyed, iron-on interfacing, a variety of fabrics and simple hand stitching, enjoy this afternoon producing beautiful, unique cards.
Lanterns : Simple but effectrive these cute little lanterns are great to produce. Begin with self paterned fabics, then move on and embellish to your hearts content.